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Don’t just take our word for it, view the testimonials our geothermal customers offer about Danco Enterprises. We have helped countless residents save on their residential heating and cooling with geothermal products. Below you will find some of the thoughts a few of these satisfied clients had to say.

Robert and Carolyn Smith

We are very pleased with the WaterFurnace which we placed in our new home. It has exceeded every expectation on heating and cooling. All visitors to our new home has commented on how comfortable the heat feels while they are in our home.

Pattric Gould

Even though we haven’t moved in – It’s been very comfortable for us to work in the house. The January heat bill was 1/4 of the bill one year ago where the previous owners used baseboard electric heat. Now that’s progress.

Television’s American Woodshop with Suzy and Scott Phillips

DANCO’s crew is professional, prompt and reliable. Suzy and I couldn’t be happier with our Nu-Wool Insulation and WaterFurnace system.

Andrew and Michelle Noffke

Even though our new home is four times larger than our old home, our utility bills are much less and we really enjoy the warm, even heat, especially the radiant in our basement.

Robert and Tammy Weaver

Tammy and I are very happy with our WaterFurnace Geothermal System. We have been pleasantly surprised by the low monthly electric bill.

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